May Day in Town - Words by Royall Tyler, 1787, music by Gart T. Westerhout 1987 & 2017


First performed May 19, 1787, one time only, then revived with new music in 1987 and songs recorded in 2017

See Jarvis article below for 1787 details, and 1987 newspaper article for revival details.  


May Day in Town Songs (rough recording May 1 2017 for archival purposes)


1 may day in town 201651.mp3

2 be deaf to her tongue May 1.mp3

3 pomps complaint may 1.mp3

4 plaintain and hetty love duet may 1.mp3

5 Fly to his arms May 1 2017.mp3

6 larks early carrols may 1.mp3

7 all life is a move May 1.mp3

8 come of high and low degree pomp and maids may 1.mp3

9 A tender feeling heart May 1.mp3

10 finale may 1 2017.mp3  


1987 show items

mayday poster.jpg

mayday program.jpg

script with some notes to myself and a few typos as well! 


newspaper article from 1987:

mayday np.jpg  


Harvard Library Bulletin Article from 1974 about 1787 libretto

Jarvis, Katherine Schall. Royall Tyler's Lyrics for "May Day in Town", Harvard Library bulletin, Volume XXIII, Number 2 (April 1975).

jarvis 1.jpg

jarvis 2.JPG  



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