THE BLIEM DREAM  premiered July 8, 1983!      Scroll down for script and musical links. 


World Premiere of "The Bliem Dream"

at St Albans Summer Camp,

Washington, DC,  July 8, 1983

Gart T. Westerhout 's first ever musical!

Published in PLAYS MAGAZINE in 1988.

as "The Zeem Dream." PDF here. 

 Songs (recorded July 8, 2013)

Tell Me

Bliem Birds

Hoggleblort Chant

Dream Dream Dream


First song I ever wrote for a musical, summer of 1981, St Albans here. It was for "The Emperor's New Clothes"

My tribute song to St Albans, "Summers at St A's"  

sheet music 


Gart Westerhout and Maria Harris,

St Albans Summer Camp Drama Directors, summer of 1983

(Maria worked there about 7 summers, I worked 9)

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