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Gart T. Westerhout is a professor of English at Kinjo College in Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan. He is a songwriter and playwright, the founding director of  Osugi Musical Theatre (OMT), and also writes and directs musicals for and with elementary school children. He lives with his family in Komatsu, Japan. 

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Projects and Interests

1. Osugi Musical Theatre

2. reviving school songs from closed schools

3. Greedy Goblin picture card theater in 20 languages and counting...

4. Song postcards of 100 years ago 

5. Post Wheeler - American diplomat and folklore collector

6. Burton Crane - journalist who made 20-some singles mostly in Japanese while living in Japan circa 1930

7. William Butler Yeats

8. Nonsense verse

9. Children's poetry

10. kyogen - Japanese comic theatre

11. chirimenbon (Japanese crepe paper books of 100 years ago)

12. Chauncey Olcott - American performer and composer of Irish songs (When Irish Eyes are Smiling, etc) 1869-1932

13. Haiku (Matsuo Basho, Chiyo-jo, et al)

14. Danny Kaye

15. Donald O'Connor

16. Irish (American) songs of the early 20th century

17. Tops hats

18. pianos and accordions





1960 -born in  Leiden, Netherlands

1962 - moved to Maryland, USA; became US citizen in 1969

1968 - acting debut as "A Potato"

1978 - acted in first musical, Fiddler on the Roof

1980-87, 91-93 - directed summer camp musicals (mostly

              at  St Albans Summer Camp in Washington, DC)

1985-87 - acted in University of Vermont musicals

1988 - wrote and directed first show in Japan 

1989 - cofounded Little Pine Theater, Komatsu

1990-91 - attended Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre, Blue Lake, CA

1992 - worked with theatre group K de Calle in Zaragoza, Spain

1994 - first solo concert

1995 - founded Osugi Musical Theatre, Komatsu

1998 - began writing and directing yearly elementary school musicals

2006 - Osugi Musical Theatre put on its 200th performance

2009 - OMT celebrates 15 years and 250 performances

2012 - OMT hits 300 shows

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